The Language of Form and Color
Megan Olson

Artist Statement & Bio

The title of this show is from Kandinsky’s seminal book “Concerning the Spiritual in Art”, and references the way in which abstraction strives to communicate what can be described as a universal language using the aesthetics of form and color. Megan Olson’s work is a combination of surrealism, and organic abstraction – part graffiti, part calligraphy – it has been called, “both highly abstract and persuasively realist.” Her obsessive attention to detail led to abstraction, as she began to search for worlds within the details, microcosms becoming macrocosms. Through this search, Olson also discovered a love for graffiti in her walks through the streets of New York and San Francisco. Eventually meeting and getting to know several graffiti artists, she began deconstructing graffiti pieces the same way one would a formalist painting, which led to her finding a common thread from the formalism of graffiti, to her nature-inspired organic abstractions. Unity is an important theme in Olson’s work. Creating harmony from conflicting ideas, like the natural vs. the urban, her work is an attempt to bring together opposing ideas to create one, unifying vision.

For more information on Megan and her work visit her website or follow her on Instagram.

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