The Happiness Clinic
Zeeshan Kahya

The Happiness Clinic is an alternative solution that provides a breath of fresh air with its unorthodox methods. We believe we can help you reach your happiness within through special exercises and performances. Our goal is to establish a welcoming, all-inclusive environment to unite each other and be all one. Come and join us to get your daily dose. All participants that sign up will receive a special holiday care package. We look forward to meeting you.

The Happiness Clinic is by appointment, which may be made 11am-7pm December 19-23, 2018, and January 2-8, 2019. Please contact Zeeshan at to schedule a session. For more information, please visit Happiness Clinics online.

The accompanying installation will be on view 24/7, except in extreme weather conditions.

About Zeeshan Kahya
Zeeshan has always been interested in looking at things outside the box and searching for solutions. After realizing the impact self-awareness had on her life, she wanted to share this with everyone. She’s a certified wellness coach and works as a consultant. In addition to running her own businesses, Zeeshan loves traveling and spending time with her 9 year old daughter.

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