The Green New Pop Up
Redu NYC

Come visit The Green New Pop Up and experience DIY in real time! This exhibition is an eco-centric pop up marketplace featuring makers, artists, designers and musicians as well as sustainable food and beverage entrepreneurs.  Featuring furniture customization, painting, eco-fashion, clothing swaps, yoga, live music, and samples from local sustainable food vendors and entrepreneurs. All vendors, artists and participants are aligned with at least one of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.  Sponsors include Greeningfullife, The Canvas NYC, and the American Sustainable Business Council, Runway the Real Way, and Muscle Park Candles.

Artists in Residence
Russ Ronat
Russ Ronat is an international artist who studies and creates the energy of endangered species on paper or canvas, working in many layers and with a variety of materials.  

For more information about Russ, visit him at

Chelsea Hrynick Browne
Chelsea Hrynick Browne layers together intricately hand-cut origami paper to form larger abstract “paintings.” Her artwork contains contradicting elements such as fragility and strength, repetition and randomness, and fine details with vast scale to create harmony and honor universal themes that connect all things.

For more information about Chelsea, visit her at

More About REDU NYC
REDU NYC is on a mission to rescue and transform material “waste” into functional design. They salvage large amounts of materials before those materials enter the waste-stream. Their goal is to keep usable materials out of landfill. They have 7,000 sq.ft of work space and inventory in Red Hook, Brooklyn. REDU rescues what others believe has no value, repurposing it to make interiors and home furniture. They believe that sustainability is the only acceptable form of progress.

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