The Concept Store by Lya Pouleyy

Lya Pouleyy is a personality, a brand, a concept store where you can find and purchase all of Lya‘s fine art and creations. You will also have the opportunity to see her painting and explore new ideas and concepts. Creating a community around art, mindfulness, and well-being, the concept store aims to provide meaningful artistic creations and events that will connect and inspire the customers

Featuring acrylic artwork, faux collars, accessories, Hip Hop Christmas ornaments, kimonos, t-shirts, hoodies, digital prints, Christmas cards, special creations and so much more.

The store will host monthly events such as body movement workshops, special events, and art shows by Lya Pouleyy.

About the Artist

Lya Pouleyy is a NYC transplant from Paris, with Cameroonian roots. She expresses her creativity through art, dance, graphic design, modeling and coaching. She grew up in a French project where African and NYC Hip Hop cultures were predominating. She always had a love for the arts in general and this is what led her, besides drawing, to start a dancing and performing journey in the late 90’s. From 2004 to 2009, she studied product and graphic design at Strates College in Paris and London South Bank University in the UK. Then, she worked as a graphic designer for Disneyland in Paris, Soleil Sucré in Paris, Innelec Multimédia in Paris and Arium Design in Montreal, Canada.

In 2010, she was certified by the European Commission as a life coach for teenagers and adults, and worked in 2011 in Italy, France, and Austria to guide juveniles and counselors. Then she developed a passion for painting with the desire to teach and pass socially engaged messages through art. She had opportunities to paint for Skillosophy in 2016, Laolu Sanbajo in 2018-2019, a community garden in Harlem, charity events and exhibitions all around NYC. She also created: “My Friends Are Talented” in 2016, where she invited her artist friends to display their works. After graduating, traveling, and working for companies as a graphic designer, she decided to move to NYC in 2014, where she started teaching dance to after-schools, high schools and colleges like The Spence School, United Palace Theater etc. In October 30th 2023, thanks to the Chashama, she opened her concept store “Lya Pouleyy”.

For more information on Lya visit her website and follow her on Instagram.



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