THE (better late than never) SUMMER SHOW
Columbia University MFA School of the Arts

How do we interface with the city after hardship and plight?

How can art divine new images of the world?

How do we process trauma, both individually and collectively?

How can we develop new ways of learning from, and with, the biological formations around us?

The Classes of ‘21 and ‘22 from Columbia University’s MFA School of the Arts are pleased to announce THE (better late than never) SUMMER SHOW 2021, an exhibition of work by 42 artists from the recently graduated and second-year cohorts of the MFA program. The four questions above are posed as points of departure for many of the artworks presented, which touch on themes of interpersonal intimacies, queer ecologies, crises as spectacle, recuperated histories, and the precariousness of urban life. The exhibition simultaneously contains moments of tenderness, optimism, and hope amidst such tensions.

About the Curator:

This exhibition is curated by Junni Chen, current curator-in-residence at the Julia Stoschek Collection, and MA candidate at the Center or Curatorial Studies, Bard College, as well as Owen Duffy, director of the Yeh Art Gallery at St. John’s University.

For more information on Junni follow her on Instagram.

Participating Artists:

Abigail Robinson, Alejandro Contreras, Amanda Gris, Anthony Sertel Dean, Avishag Cohen Rodrigues, Bicheng Liang, Christen Shea, Danielle Gottesman, Denisse Griselda Reyes, Elzie Williams III, Fadl Fakhouri, Farah Mohammad, Hilary Devaney, Hyoju Cheon, Ian Decker, Ivana Carman, Jacq Groves, Jeffrey Halstead, John Thomas Levee, Jonathan Harris, Joseph Liatela, Juan Hernández Diaz, Julia Jalowiec, Kaela Mei-Chee Chambers, Kat Lowish, Kelsey Shwetz, Kevin Claiborne II, Lindsey Brittain, Linnéa Gad, Lizzie Zelter, Mimi Park, Noga Cohen, Priscilla Jeong, Raphaela Melsohn, Ryan Wang, Shuai Yang, Sophie Kovel, Xinyi Liu, Yixuan Shao Yixuan Wu, Yuri Yuan

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