Tomaso Albertini

Tarea is officially launching their Eco-Art Gallery. Artist​ Tomaso Albertini is showcasing 40 paintings with the aim of raising funds to support the planetary conservation. ​Every art piece will directly benefit one of the world’s most effective eco-organizations. When the art piece sells 50% of the sale price goes directly to various eco-organizations, such as Mission Blue – Sylvia Earle Alliance and Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Center. ​ Tarea partners with organizations they believe are vital — knowing we can go further together — in the efforts to help preserve and protect the world’s precious ecosystems.

About Tomaso Albertini: 

In 2018 Tomaso Albertini was chosen by Sotheby to be part of “Old Master meet the street” and became the face of this project. He started with “some glue, cardboard from the street and paint”. The city, his connection with the street, and the people who crossed his path inspired his new technique. He was a member of the infamous underground collective called Con Artist. After 2 years at the collective, he joined Fat Free Art gallery and collaborated with other relevant galleries. He has been featured on publications including Vice and The Guardian.

After his first child was born in late 2018, he realized he needed to elevate his art not only for himself but towards others, creating art for a purpose. He had to create with the aim of raising public awareness towards a new sustainable future, thus TAREA was born.

The face of Tarea, a character that symbolizes the fusion between the animal and plant world, is the portrait of this new eco-human entity. Figures of a modern hero who represent those people who care for and struggle daily to preserve the environment. He creates three-dimensional art that allows him to realize the figure as if it were a sculpture and then paint on it as if it were a canvas.

His recognizable style has become the symbol of Tarea and of a movement that will evolve the world with art. He was born in Milan and lives in New York City

For more information about Tomaso visit his website or follow him on Instagram.

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