SUN IN THE MACHINE: Preview the Process
Laura Marie O'Reilly, Gabriel Akhmad Marin, Abdul Latif & D2D/T, Lauren D'Alvia

SUN IN THE MACHINE is a collaborative art system that embodies mystery school teachings for all to experience through self verification. You are invited to explore the phenomenon of the human being as a microcosm of the universe, the law of three and the alchemy of the 6-cosmic processes; growth, digestion, elimination, crime, healing & regeneration. SUN IN THE MACHINE develops soul awareness and aims to connect the performing arts community and public at large to collaborate through structured improvisation challenges & metaphysical study. The participatory improvisation study series will culminate into a feature length interactive art film and international public art exhibition to be released in 2022.

SUN IN THE MACHINE is the vision of interdisciplinary artist and director Laura Marie O’Reilly, a passionate explorer of metaphysical cosmology and its relationship to the arts. SUN IN THE MACHINE’S improv system “exquisite force” has taken shape during the past year of experimentation with the ontology of spontaneous creation, relational inspiration and collaboration. The system builds off of the surrealist game, “exquisite corpse” inspired by the old parlor game “consequences”, which is a method by which each collaborator adds to a composition in sequence, either by following a rule, or by being allowed to see only the end of what the previous person contributed.

O’Reilly paired each of the 6 cosmic processes (+ the void) to a color, fabric and improvised song by Gabriel Akhmed Marin. Abdul Latif then choreographed an improvisational movement vocabulary based on his own spontaneous polyrhythmic reaction to Gabriel’s music that his Dance Company D2D/T improvised during their residency at Windover Performing Arts Center. The live dance performances were experimentally filmed, directed by O’Reilly, of which excerpts are exhibited as augmented reality integrated artworks. Lauren D’Alvia’s poetry is featured as an example of the “exquisite force” system, featuring 6 poems, raw and unedited, in response to each cosmic process as it pertains to love.

Coinciding with the opening of the exhibition will launch an online version of the exhibition where the public is invited to submit their own improvisations based on the 6-cosmic processes for a chance to be included in the 2022 exhibition series and interactive feature film.

About the Artists: 

Laura Marie O’Reilly is an interdisciplinary artist and director working at the cross section of the performing arts, technology and metaphysical cosmology. O’Reilly is an alumni of The New Museum’s creative tech incubator, NEW INC, where she was awarded the “Women in Tech” grant for Wallplay. Her experiential sound art installations have been exhibited at numerous galleries in NYC and her public art curatorial work has been experienced by millions of people. O’Reilly has hosted hundreds of exhibitions in NYC through Wallplay, the company she founded & led from 2013-2021. As the co-creator of ON CANAL, she helped build a thriving cross-disciplinary creative community which she continues to foster through SUN IN THE MACHINE. O’Reilly graduated Summa Cum Laude from SUNY Purchase with a degree in New Media. Her thesis work explored new formats for storytelling at the intersection of the performing arts and technology.

For more information about Laura visit her website or follow her on Instagram.

Gabriel Akhmad Marin’s songs from Ruminate: Improvisations for Fretless Guitar and Dutar – a masterclass of improvisation drawing from traditions along the Silk Road, released by Worlds Within Worlds Records are featured in SUN IN THE MACHINE. In lieu of predetermined composition, the record is driven purely by improvisational technique. As a virtuoso of the fretless guitar, Marin manipulates modal effects that digitally mimic natural reeded woodwinds. As an ustod of two-stringed lutes, he proceeds to dazzle his audiences with strumming so sophisticated in its complexity and articulation that it raises the bar for all acoustic lutes: the minimally strung chordophone conversely creates a Babelesque “Wall of Sound” that never falls but merely fades, decaying until silent. Marin is a co-founder of critically acclaimed jazz fusion act Consider The Source, and is a renown multi-instrumentalist.

For more information about Gabriel visit his website or follow him on Instagram.

Abdul Latif –D2DT, this first formed consortium of artists and project management associates, assembled to work in tandem with Abdul Latif’s construction of customized, multi-disciplined concert performances and multi-media commercial entertainment productions, aid in fostering a collaborative forum for producing entertaining exhibitions and installation installments.D2D/T is where the street and the studio conceptually meet. D2D/T; possessing an artistic methodology, business model and creative mission is the brainchild of Founding Rockefeller Brothers Fellow and Inaugural Lincoln Center Institute artist-in-Residence. With a mantra that art belongs to everyone and its movements and rhythms come from everyday life, the shaping of arts-ed programming and creative learning platforms of this emerging entity define its focus and future.

For more information about Abdul visit his website or follow him on Instagram.

Lauren D’Alvia is a multi-disciplinary artist, astrologer and spiritual teacher. As a young girl in metro New York, Lauren found herself in front of a digital clock, at precisely 11:11, everyday, without fail. This curious daily event and the magical possibilities it implied set Lauren on a life-long journey both inward and across the globe. Her unending quest to discover the patterns which saw Humanity, The Divine, and The Stars together has taken Lauren from the sandal-clad feet of mystical scholars to the snow-covered peaks of uncharted mountains and back again to share what she’s learned. Lauren’s hard won spiritual proficiency is well met with her encyclopedic knowledge of literature, poetry, theatre, and rock n roll. These elements combine in a perfect storm to create what Lauren refers to as her “Golden Thread” – the divine link that connects all things and thus leads one back to one’s Soul and unity with the collective Soul of humanity and the cosmos.

For more information about Lauren visit her website or follow her on Instagram.

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