Summer Rose
curated by Emily Kohl-Mattingley

Saturn returns
As does the sticky hot musk of summer
The late rose sweats, blooms and blushes under the heat
City streets crack open
Wide enough to slip through
Thirsty roots reach
Brace and bend
Don’t break

Summer Rose is a group show curated by artist in residence Emily Kohl-Mattingley (EKM). The collection of visual artists are individuals Kohl-Mattingley considers integral star signals* in her New York City creative constellation. 

Adam Liam Rose (he/him); Architecture manipulates and reflects society. As a body moves and responds to the structures around it a person innately processes whether or not a space is “for them.” Adam’s delicate models eloquently broach the subject of accessibility, and the nuanced elements of accessibility the physical; the institutional; the political; the emotional.

Chris Laine (they/them); A tuning fork that resonates in vulnerability and observation Chris’s words and images ask the viewer to vibrate alongside them – they ask for just a moment, and then if willing, a moment longer.

Evie K. Horton (she/her); Imbedded in an illustrative surreal space Evie’s paintings coerce viewers with vignettes or shadows of the tangible, evoking the expansive feelings of desire and it’s dance with one’s mortality.

Morgan Daily (she/her); As the ball of the pen draws ink from it’s well and traces to the paper a continual line of movement, till the white surface depletes and fills; a viewer’s mind responds to Morgan’s automatic drawings in a similar fashion of the artwork’s making, twisting and turning searching for shapes and meaning pulled from within.

As the Brooklyn rosebush struggles yet thrives in its less than accommodating concrete lawn; these artworks for Kohl-Mattingley are the buds of persistently striving NYC creatives, whose presence makes getting by in this unrelentless metropolis just a touch rosier

Summer Rose will be open to the public during posted event dates/times, including a reception on Saturday August 3rd from 5-8pm – additional events are listed in the side bar.

Additional Programming
Graham KG Garlington (they/them or he/him); is a trans non-binary singer-songwriter, experimental musical theatre composer and artist. Sarah Lawrence Class of 2018, Bachelors Degree in Music, Theatre, and Film. Recent Credits: Treya Lam & Friends (Joe’s Pub, 2019) Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir (Adelaide RCC Fringe Festival, performer, 2019), Staunton Music Festival (singer, stage manager, 2014-present). Graham will be performing, and curating an acoustic set of musicians, as a part of Summer Rose on Friday August 2nd, 5-8pm. Additional musical artists to be announced. 

JACKS is the moving making duo Kelsey Kramer (she/her) and Lexie Thrash (she/her). JACKS is committed to investigative movement experiences, meaningful processes, and telling the truth. Their work is meaty, kooky, and connected. Their medium is conversation, film, movement, and community building. The new work, Can you come outside? centers on the idea of losing and questioning ‘home.’ Equal parts homage to ‘what was’ and determination to identify ‘what is,’ the piece consists of ten participants who remember, map, embrace, define, and share. Let’s find stuff out together. JACKS will host an open rehearsal of Can you come outside? as a part of Summer Rose on Sunday August 11th, 6-9pm. 

*”star signals” a term coined and in reference to Mariana Valencia’s 2019 performance Futurity. 


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