Marcia Haufrecht

The subway experience is filled with a myriad variety of people, color, and shapes that calls out to be explored. In her travels in the subways, Marcia Haufrecht has photographed some of what she sees, and then re-lives the experience as she puts oil paint to canvas. Haufrecht hopes that these paintings will re-awaken in the viewer an experience of their own.

About Marcia Haufrecht
Marcia Haufrecht was fortunate to have been born, bred and buttered in Manhattan, NYC. She graduated Performing Arts High School in 1954 as a dancer and proceeded to perform on Broadway and touring Broadway shows in the U.S. Haufrecht moved on from there to acting in theatre, film and t.v. After years as an actress she added playwriting, directing and teaching in New York, Australia, Austria, and Portugal.

Haufrecht came to painting late in life.  At the age 70, while teaching master acting classes at The New School University, she decided to take classes herself and enrolled in an oil painting class. Since then, Haufrecht has shown extensively in New York, including solo and group exhibitions at venues as diverse as traditional galleries, cafés, and the office of the Manhattan Borough Present. She studied at the Art Students League under Naomi Campell, Frederick Wong, Knox Martin and Paul Ching Bor, as well as having attended painting classes at the New School University.

In 2018, Haufrecht wrote and directed a short film Full Moon and High Tide in the Ladies Room, which is currently showing in a number of film festivals. Haufrecht continues studying, painting and showing in New York. She is a member of The Actors Studio, Ensemble Studio Theatre and The Art Students League

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