Solo Show
Sally Young

Recent Work by visual artist Sally Young, 2018/2019, on view in the South gallery at 222 Bowery.

About Sally Young
Sally Young is a mixed media artist and landscape painter/constructivist who frequently builds her paintings out of the canvas when making it all flat just doesn’t make sense, even if it is in perspective. Her subject matter is Home and is often influenced by the landscape and the architecture of the Lower East Side of NYC where she has lived and worked as an artist since 1980. Other influences are the landscape of Detroit, where she grew up, and towns in partial decay, that she photographs from train windows while traveling. Home/loss of Home/where and what is Home, is always a central theme in her work. Tables and Chairs, sometimes 3-dimensional, sometimes drawn, all symbolize Home and grew out of this. Sometimes morphing into human form; chairs react to the news: mass shootings, families separated at the border, abuses of women and children, climate disasters, rampant greed, and extremes of wealth and poverty in our world. Locally it’s about unscrupulous landlords harassing tenants to force them out of their homes. The (Pussy) cat that appears in some of the paintings is the bystander reacting to what is going on, often horrified and shocked. Eyes hidden in the vase of flowers records our every move. Dollars appear and question influences they control.

The most recent paintings examine the rural and industrial landscape, some that is disintegrating and inevitably changing for better or for worse. Home and what happens to those homes is in question. Often a chair and table is displaced and a house left hanging in uncertainty of its future.

HOME, in the dictionary, is defined as “1. A place where one lives; residence; habitation. 2. The physical structure or portion thereof within which one lives, as a house or apartment. 3. One’s close family and one’s self; a person’s most personal relationships and possessions; house and home. 4. An environment or haven of shelter. 5. Any valued place, original habitation, or emotional attachment regarded as a refuge or place of origin…” The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language 1973, American Publishing Company Inc. This is what this work is about.

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About 222 Bowery
Iconic Landmark building 222 Bowery is the former home of the art studios of ROTHKO & LEGER.

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