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Testu Collective brings their recent benefit album Solace to life through an installation of audiovisual artworks and sculpture.  The compilation features unreleased audiovisual artworks, live recordings, and compositions of 11 projects contributed by 14 artists from around the world to support Covid-19 charities.

The storefront is an extension of Testu’s audiovisual album manifested as a physical environment.  In this environment they explore the “in-between” space that New Yorkers found themselves in, staying home but wanting to express art in locations that people could experience safely.  The compilation was born out of the need to express the immensity of the pandemic and the profound loss that we all felt, but found hard to articulate into words.

The collective will host a closing event with live performances by artists from ‘Solace’ living in the NYC area, as well as streaming sets by those abroad.

Music and art have been our solace. We hope that the viewer might escape for just a bit through our sonic and visual pieces.

About Testu Collective:

Testu Collective is an NYC-based intermedia art group founded by Dan Tesene and Serena Stucke in 2017. Testu creates experimental videos, concept soundtracks, and audiovisual installations/performances. Currently the collective consists of an evolving group of movement artists, musicians, visual artists, and designers. The collective’s goal is to liberate imaginations through unique collaborations with artists in sound, movement, and video. Testu has created immersive installations and curated works at galleries and venues in LA and NYC. In 2020, Testu Collective created music videos for acclaimed cellist Clarice Jensen’s latest album. Most recently, Testu curated an evening of electronic sound and visual works with live sculptural movement for Ace Hotel in NYC. Currently, the collective have an audiovisual compilation, ‘Solace’, out on Bandcamp to benefit Covid-19 charities, as well as an upcoming streaming event on Currents FM on Feb. 27th.

Testu Collective’s work reimagines visual systems and sonic environments through a combination of custom-made videos, electronic sound, architectural elements, optical material, and performative movement. Testu aims to challenge traditional modes of A/V work, dance, and audience experience through augmenting reality between the digital and physical landscape. Testu transforms environments for the audience to navigate and position themselves within to experience multi-dimensional ecosystems that utilize ever-shifting images, electronic soundscapes, architectural material, and performance. In collaboration with dancers, Testu uses movement to modulate their video projections in live performances as an interpretation of “projection mapping” but with the human form. The performances evoke and work within a wide lineage of art, film, and performance.

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