Salvi Earth

Salvi Earth is a sustainable brand featuring artisanal pieces handmade with 100% recycled plastic – Also featuring art from El Salvador where each piece is hand crafted.

About Salvi Earth:

Sustainability, fair trading, and the betterment of our planet are Salvi Earths guiding principles. Each item they sell is meticulously designed and handwoven by local artisans in El Salvador using 100% recycled plastic. Your purchase helps build the economies of Salvadoran communities, all while helping save the planet.

The promotion of sustainability, building local economies through fair trade, and bettering our planet are the guiding principles of everything they do. From the very items they sell, to the packaging they sell them in, to the organizations they support, these principles are the foundations of Salvi Earth. At the heart of the business is their handwoven bags and accessories. Their bags are crafted with 100% recycled plastic. Everything from plastic water bottles to take-out containers are repurposed into a permanent home; their bags. Many of the items sold contains over six single-use water bottles worth of recycled plastic, plastic that could otherwise end up in our oceans, lakes, and wetlands.

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