Rowing Upstream
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Rowing Upstream is an unapologetic, abstract and dreamy performance. Three entities lost in the middle of a parallel dimension will use shamanic dance rituals to manage evil, save humanity and the environment from full destruction. However, realistically, it’s all already gone. Humanity is living in a projection of their own memories.

Rowing Upstream takes inspiration from a typical manga narrative, where the apocalypse is seemingly always nearby. On the stage, the story is translated in a combination of dance styles used for specific tasks as super powers. In this staged vision, the versatile dancers become actors of life, where human emotions are suspended and spiritual practice is the only way to dominate ego and instinct for a deeper awakening. Those rituals become the exact moments where the dancer is the most vulnerable and shows all their divinity. “They already existed, they lived, they died: now they are just remembrances floating in a futuristic cyber-space in between.”

About the Artist 

Zoe is a multi- award winning filmmaker, dancer, and choreographer. In 2013 she opened a space for artistic expression and performance called “Exit Room”. The unconventional gallery hosted and supported artists from all over the world and enjoyed a following of art critiques, art buyers and journalists who always promoted and reviewed her unique projects . In 2017 she started her project Womxn to The Front, and provided a platform for women film makers, visual artists, and musicians. This project supported gender equality with tremendous impact. Zoe is also an educator. She won City Artist Corps Grant in 2021 with her dance project Rowing Upstream. She was selected for Best Walk | Ep 1. She has choreographed 070 Shake music video My Night and has been performing at Knockdown Center, BAM Cafè, and Insitu Dance Festival . Zoe also teaches several workshops for after school programs and artist residencies at Reel Works, The Leadership Program, and Pizarts.

Participating Artists

Dance: Ann Sylvia Clark

Dance: Dominique Robinson

Music: Starr Busby

Music: Chris Gaskell

Projection: Eva Redamonti

Costume Design: DIG

Photo: Frank Figueroa


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