Riding the Light
Ari Lankin

Riding the Light is a solo exhibition of large abstract works by Ari Lankin.

“I find it fascinating that an image, specifically a painting, has the ability to stimulate many levels of the human psyche,” writes Lankin. “A painting is an object and at the same time a window into another world. The long history of painting has proven that the imagery and consideration of materials is as varied as the people who paint. This excites me. To me, great painting is not a particular genre or type of image. The truly great painters like Rembrandt, Mondrian and Guston achieved a level of oneness with imagery and material that is impossible to put into words. It is this feeling of a complete merger of material and imagery that I strive for when I create a painting. I am inspired by nature and the figure  the effect of one or more materials upon another, patterns and systems, evolution out of necessity. Also, the element of chance both in nature and the studio but once it comes down to the act of painting, paint and the paradoxical nature of the picture plane are my two primary inspirations. The physicality, texture and residue of experience of paint enable infinite tactile and visual explorations. Some marks are absolutely deliberate and others by chance. When material and imagery merge seamlessly into a oneness that both eliminates and solidifies the picture plane is when I consider a painting finished. It’s alive. Without explicit references to observable objects there is truly a universal aspect to the work that hopefully unlocks a poetic experience for the viewer that expands the longer one looks. I hope my paintings enable people to experience and discuss the observable and non-observable forces in the universe and mankind with innate truthfulness. They are an antidote for the toxicity of misinformation in the modern zeitgeist.” — Ari Lankin

Artist Biography
With paintings that contain drama without overt reference to identifiable objects, Ari Lankin has pushed the language of painting to powerful effect, creating worlds within worlds that celebrate nature, the figure and the pure plastic form of the medium. His paintings simultaneously obliterate and reinforce the picture plane. Over the past year his paintings were featured in Magic Hour – a solo exhibition at RL Fine Arts in New York, on the package of a national best selling product, on a billboard in NYC, and commissioned to cover massive ground floor windows of the new Three World Trade Center building. Lankin (b. 1980 USA) has had a studio practice based in New York City for over 15 years. A range of seductive simultaneity exists in his work producing paintings full of life: static and kinetic, rejuvenation and decay, minimalist and expressionist.


Instagram: @arilankin

Web: www.arilankin.com

Email: info@arilankin.com

Open hours
By appointment only
Please email programs@chashama.org to schedule a viewing.
Opening Reception
Aug 14, 2019 6:00pm-8:00pm
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