Red Room
Andi Bierlein

The Red Room: a basement darkroom’s glowing bulbs, the pulsing sound of a dance floor past midnight, light brushing over faces as they move. Compiled tokens of forgotten memories sit on bedside tables, illuminating thoughts of nights past.

About the Artist
Andi Bierlein is a photographer and artist from NYC. Spending time throughout her life in cities like London and Berlin has allowed her to find inspiration in new and growing art scenes and sublime architecture. Fascinated by vibrant colors, contrast, movement and shadows, her work steps beyond a documentation of everyday life. It allows viewers to settle their gaze on simple details – to slow down and remember the small moments. Experimenting with different ways of printing and displaying photographs, she considers the way environments, textures, and perspectives propel narratives and tell stories.
For more information on Andi, visit the website and follow her on Instagram.

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