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IMC Lab is pleased to present a continuation of Reality Remix, an interactive multimedia exhibit of artifacts from the near future, including radical new art & technologies highlighting the latest revolutions in painting, sculpting, 3D printing, holographic computing, neuroscience, VR, AR, mixed reality arts & A.I.

Enter a new era in which passive viewers become active participants, empowered to remix reality & shift perception itself. Through new art & technologies akin to super powers, the gallery, the city & the world itself becomes your collective canvas. The entire gallery will be filled with new work & maker tools which participants can touch, move & interact with, including never seen before VR/AR apps, multisensory installations & immersive art that stretch the imagination & transport you to fantastic holographic experiences where collective creativity thrives.

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About the Artists
Artists Josef Albers, Christo & Jeanne-Claude, Henri Matisse, Richard Prince, Scott Draves, Colby Cannon, Colleen Flanigan, Fred Fleisher, Vince Fraser, David Kagan, Yiyao Nie, Carrie Elston Tunick & James A. Tunick explore the convergence of art & technology, viewer & artwork, public & private, new & old media in VR/augmented reality apps like Paint-AR, brain wave art like MedaVRse, 3D scanning & 3D printing tools like 3Dskan, A.I. driven art, underwater sculpture that grows coral, & collaborative immersive environments like the Holodec. This group of artists & inventors imagine a future in which art making, storytelling & humanity itself undergo radical changes; where screens disappear, & new art forms, multi-sensory holograms & smart spaces empower far richer forms of collective creativity.

About IMC Lab
IMC Lab is a mixed-reality incubator + media art gallery in NYC. They’ve built VR/AR apps, mixed-reality experiences, cloud software + A.I. for governments, universities, United Nations, Teach for America + many Fortune 500 brands.

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