RAW MATERIAL: Re-Wilding The Body
Cilla Vee Life Arts

The interdisciplinary arts organization Cilla Vee Life Arts presents RAW MATERIAL: Re-Wilding The Body – A CALL TO ACTION!

A multimedia, collaborative, sensory, interactive, public art installation simulating a nature environment, melding organic materials with digital audio-visual elements plus live performance. Re-Wilding is a Motion Sculpture Movement Installation – a performance method unique to Cilla Vee Life Arts wherein the performer enters a meditational state, becoming a living part of the environment.

CVLA partners with local NY based environmental organizations to go beyond just creating awareness of environmental issues and to be a call to action by directly providing resources for active engagement.

Audience members are invited to engage in creative response and to consider their relationship with nature and environmental sustainability.

About the Artists: 

Cilla Vee Life Arts is an interdisciplinary arts organization established in 2002 at H&H Production, Bronx NY by Claire Elizabeth Barratt / aka CillaVee whose mission is one of creative collaboration and boundary-blurring. Now based at The Center for Connection + Collaboration, Asheville NC.

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Artistic Team: CillaVee, Fred Hatt, Hisayasu Takashio, Stewart Hoyt, Marianne Giosa, Sarah Pope, Lauren Vroegindewey, Gwen Charles

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