Proximity 2019 with Athens
The Modern Dance Awareness Society and PassTRESpass

Proximity is the culmination of community dance workshops at a collectively governed refugee-squat in Athens and in New York City. Amidst rupture and dislocation, we ask: how can dance physicalize new conceptions of community? How can we include excluded narratives and create bridges? How can art make space for displaced bodies?

We invite you to witness this experimental dialogue in vocalized movement and physicalized narrative between passTRESpass members here and abroad, live-streamed between Anita’s Way at 1 pm (NYC) and Dimotiki Agora Kypselis at 8 pm (Athens) on Saturday the 4th of May 2019, in collaboration with Impact Hub Athens and the Pierce – The American College of Athens.

Conceived and directed by: the modern dance awareness society (tmdas), Malvina Lorida, Mary Kate Sheehan, Maria Juliana Byck, in collaboration with Jamila, Mina, Abduol, Asad, Marjan, Ahura, Emal, Farepa, Bita, Zohrer. NYC dancers directed by Despina Sophia Stamos and Bianca Falco
Dancers: Despina Sophia Stamos, Wen-Shuan Yang, Rachel Cohen, Bianca Falco, Georgia Rapti, Anthi Kerameos.

About passTRESpass:
Initiated in 2007 by tmdas co-founders Despina Sophia Stamos and Wen-Shuan Yang, passTRESpass is a roving, interactive movement installation addressing questions of migration, home and borders. This year collaborators are Bianca Falco, Anthi Kerameos, Malvina, Lorida, Mary Kate Sheehan and Maria Juliana Byck. The project mobilizes the body as an expressive site of aesthetic and socio-political engagement. Welcoming a diversity of bodies into spaces they may or may not typically occupy, they aim to communally redefine what dance and embodied art can mean and what it can do in the world. passTRESpass is a project of the modern dance awareness society, an experimental dance collective.

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