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Primavera is next in The Art Students League’s group exhibition series, celebrating springtime and all it symbolizes. Primavera welcomes viewers to a “forest primeval” where the air is fresh, the ground lush, and hope is slowly returning.

This exhibition will appear both online and in-person.

Artists on Exhibition:

Beth AlbertyValentine AprileCharles BasmanAiko O. CascioPin Hsin Chu Mercedes Dorson • Janet Dunson • Gillian J. FurnissDorian GoldmanYolande HeijnenShannon KavanaghChia Hsuan KuoStewart LucasLeslie Marcus Rosalind ReedCheryl RubinTomoko SawadaYuri TaysheteRay Tsung-Jui Tsou •Rosemarie Turk • Amra-Faye WrightMichael Wyetzner

About The Artist Students League: 

The League was founded in 1875 by students breaking away from the National Academy of Design. That independent spirit remains at The League today, where students pursue their work unconstrained by dogma, politics or burdensome tuition. We educate students in the language and process of making art in an environment where anyone who wishes to pursue arts education can realize their full potential. The League fulfills this mission by offering affordable, high-quality education and instruction in painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture and assemblage. Artists who have studied at the League include Georgia O’Keeffe, Norman Rockwell, Jackson Pollock, Robert Rauschenberg, Louise Bourgeois, Alexander Calder, James Rosenquist and Ai-Weiwei, among others. 

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