Portal: Shifting Landscapes

Portal’s pop-up exhibition Shifting Landscapes can be interpreted in a variety of ways: literal, ecological, personal, political, sociological. To this last category, as 4heads looks to new horizons after having headquartered on Governors Island as an exhibition home for 15 years, the idea of a pop-up itself signifies a state of transition and a shifting space.

About the Artists

Samuelle Green is a multidisciplinary artist focusing on installations. She studied in NYC and continues her studio practice in Pennsylvania.

Etty Yaniv is a Brooklyn-based artist. Etty makes textured installations, narratively rich and globally exhibited, reflecting on transience and perpetual change.

Margot Spindelman is a painter and recipient of New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowships in Painting (2004) and Printmaking/Drawing/Book Arts (2023).

Ed Grant is an abstract painter who lives and works in Brooklyn.

Eric Lawrence has been working with clay, teaching and making, for over 25 years. His practice is based in Long Island City.

Jonathan Ellis is a traveling photographer and art historian exploring the aesthetics of surveillance, cultural landscapes and political geography.

Megan Suttles is a multidisciplinary artist that lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Her artworks are mostly site-specific installations that she considers to be spatial drawings. With these drawings she creates environments that the viewer can experience by walking around and through.

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