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Black Village Arts presents their Arts Pop-Up Experience as a one-stop-shop for artmaking, featuring workshops for kids, creative coworking space, and curated art events. Black Village Arts is a community-focused black arts collective that believes art is essential and should be affordable and accessible to ALL kids. Working to merge community impact and the arts, they help service black and brown youth in underfunded and underserved communities.

Black Village Arts works to create safe spaces with access to the resources required for arts education and to encourage black and brown youth under the supervision of instructors who look like their students.

Visit their website here to sign up for workshops servicing kids ages 4-16

About Black Village Arts:

Brandi Jones is the Founder of Black Village Arts. She is a Queens, NY native who has always held the art world as a priority in her life and is an alumnus of the prestigious LaGuardia Performing Arts High School and graduate of SUNY Purchase with a BFA with Honors and focus in Dance. She has always considered herself a jack of many trades and doesn’t believe in being limited to one medium of expression. As a creative who has benefited from being able to express herself through the arts, Brandi has always strongly advocated for the necessity of arts education and the growth in development it provides the youth. In her 10 years of experience working with students of all different ages, and socio-economic backgrounds, Brandi has witnessed the power of art education. Recognizing her own privilege in receiving an arts education in the city, and the strong need for it to be affordable and accessible within her own community, led her to create Black Village Arts in August 2020. Aiming to solve several issues with one solution, Jones believes the kids who look like her within her community, and other communities like hers, deserve the same opportunities to develop themselves artistically.

Jones says “I just want kids who look like me to know, they don’t have to conform to have a seat at the table. They can make their own table. The possibilities of what you can create are only as limited as your imagination.”

Black Village Arts works to expand this mission by raising money to build a community and educational art space prioritizing black youth. They are dedicated to cultivating a safe, affordable and accessible foundation that supports the future—our youth.

For more information on Black Village Arts visit their website here or follow them on Instagram.

If you would like to donate to Black Village Arts, you can find their GoFundme here.

Arts Pop-Up Experience is part of Chashama’s Storefront Startup program, which is made possible by our partnership with the NYC Department of Small Business Services.

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