Playground, and Dreams
Curated By Jianrui Li

Playground, and Dreams is an immersive art exhibition that delves into the intricate relationship between the realms of playfulness and the profound world of dreams, showcasing artworks of four different artists: Yanmei Jiang, Rosalie Lamb, David Moy, and Blake Oliva. The exhibition is primarily inspired by Yanmei Jiang’s paintings, which explore childhood fantasy and transformation. The show hosts a collection of captivating artworks that explore the convergence of these two seemingly disparate concepts.

Through the unique perspectives of artists presented, visitors embark on a journey that blur the boundaries between reality and imagination. Drawing inspiration from the nostalgic memories of childhood playgrounds and the ethereal landscapes of the subconscious mind, Playground, and Dreams aim to evoke a sense of wonder and introspection within the audience. The exhibition showcases a diverse array of art forms, including paintings, sculptures, multimedia installations, and interactive art pieces, each serving as a portal to a world where playfulness intertwines with the enigmatic nature of dreams.

Playground, and Dreams is curated by Jianrui Li.

About the Artists 

Yanmei Jiang is an artist from China, currently based in New York. Her artworks focus on self-exploring and transformation. She plays with mediums including photography, painting, and sculpture.

Rosalie Smith is a New York based interdisciplinary artist. Smith weaves her background in curatorial experimentation into her found object sculptures. She perceives her often architecturally built objects to simultaneously exist as individual artworks.

David Moy is a New York based artist with a background in Fine Art Printmaking and Computer Arts. His images render uncomfortable images that utilize stock photography, product renders, video games, the news, and specified sources to make his viewers question the side effects of the consumption of massive amounts of media and what that means for contemporary well-being.

Blake Oliva, USA 26, also referred to as alamoartworks, is a contemporary American nomad that creates conversations through, tools of modern Western Society, psychoanalyzing his surrounding the works function as collages of 2-D and 3-D works that cease to exist, as time capsules of failed and discarded materials that have ceased to have value to the agenda of society.

Jianrui Li, a curator of this exhibition, fosters a space for emerging ethnic minority and LGBTQ+ artists, redefining the conventional gallery experience through innovative presentation formats.

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