Kenneth J Lewis Sr

Patterns features artist Kenneth J Lewis Sr., inspired by the “Five patterns of nature” spiral, meander, explosion, packing, and branching. The artist plants in his imagination (soul / soil) the seeds of infinite creativity. The fruit bared will hang on the walls of this exhibition. The artist believes the visceral nature of the ripened artwork, harvest ready will find its harvester (collector).

About the Artist

Kenneth J. Lewis, Sr. is a self-instructed Artist who began painting on canvas at the unusual age of 47. Kenneth has a spiritual relationship and deep sensitivity for what he produces. Since that time Kenneth has created an enormous collections of work (over 4500). Kenneth has exhibited at Art Expo NY and similar art fairs. He was one of the Artists featured in Art Expo NY Solo 2016, as well as featured in the Art Expo NY Promotional Video 2016. To date Kenneth has hosted/curated many solo/group shows, free children paint events, live paintings and Book Illustrations. He also started KJL PoeArty Publishing where he combines his artwork with various poets. He continues to sell many pieces across the country.

Kenneth J. Lewis, Sr. calls his studio KJL Art Sanctuary and says, “I know what I feel when creating in The Sanctuary. Creating in KJL Art Sanctuary allows me to connect spiritually with each piece I create. I meditate prior to painting and only paint when I am in alignment. My studio represents a stress free zone. Therefore, every painting I create is created with LOVE thus his slogan #muchlove. Kenneth says, “Painting on larger canvas allows me to immerse myself into each piece.” However, Kenneth does have a large body of smaller works as well. He gravitates towards expressing his art with bursts of color and energy. Furthermore, he paints on many surfaces, oriented strand board, tarps, roofing underlayment and more. Kenneth also has a very eclectic style and hopes the viewer/collector finds a connection with his work. #muchlove

For more information on Kenneth visit his website and follow him on Instagram.

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