Past, Present, Future
Francine Davis

Past, Present, Future is a solo exhibition of recent work by Francine Hsu Davis whose large-scale oil paintings emerged during the pandemic. In her recent work, Francine captures the rawness of the reality during lockdown and quarantine by peeling back the layers unlike her heavily layered older paintings. From isolation to over-saturated togetherness, Francine’s experience of lockdown is portrayed through the fibers of her painting brushes and the verticality of motion, which is the artist’s translation of increased family members’ hair grooming needs. As a whole, the repetition of the pandemic routine along with abrupt disruptions emanate through gestures onto the canvas. Rooted in the exploration of culture and place, the marks she made are the ones that are “underneath” this moment in time. With each series of paintings, Francine works to catalog a certain cultural experience, whether it represents a specific time or place, a familiar color palette, or energy of movement.

About the Artist

Francine Hsu Davis is a Brooklyn-based artist and architect. Born and raised in NYC, Francine Hsu Davis is deeply influenced by the urban landscapes. As a commuter most of her young adult life, she was equally captivated by the graffiti along the NYC subway line as she was Greek/Roman wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. After over a decade-long career as an architect, Francine uprooted her life and moved to Taiwan, particularly drawn to the cityscapes of Taipei, because of her cultural roots. In Taiwan, she worked on her “100 Days of Taipei” project where she went out daily and sketched/painted the city (e.g. a building, a meal, people), getting to know the people through urban sketching. Memories of that experience have expanded into full bodies of work. Most recently, Francine’s work was represented in a Yale Women in Architecture exhibit in New Haven, CT. She has previously exhibited her works in San Francisco, the East Bay, and NYC. In 2019, she was a resident at the Vermont Studio Center and has been published in Create! Magazine. Francine received her undergraduate degree at Barnard College and her Master’s in Architecture from the Yale School of Architecture.

For more about Francine Davis visit her website and follow her on Instagram.

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