Parallel Horizons
A Collective of Visual Artists

Parallel Horizons is a photography multimedia exhibition featuring a collective of nine international visual artists, curated by Cameron Judith Peters.

The unique projects in this show move between evolving perspectives, identities, and communities, asking essential questions across local and global contexts. How do we search for a home when it is no longer the place we come from? What does the intimate and visceral act of eating reveal about our relationships with nature? If our species ceases to exist, what might our human archive look like?

For each artist, the move to New York became a journey inward, fuelling deeply personal work. Honoring this shared foundation, the Parallel Horizons Collective was formed in 2023. By bringing these projects into conversation with each other, we witness displacement and dreams alongside alternative ways of living and being in one’s body.

“Through art we have the opportunity to experience an alternate reality,” writes Curator, Cameron Judith Peters, “Parallel Horizons beckons us to investigate, challenge, and reimagine the boundaries of what it means to be human.”

With a diverse range of visual storytelling approaches, from documentary to creative practice, Parallel Horizons presents voices that are both personal and courageous. They ask us to pause, listen, and actively engage in shaping our collective future.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a two-part series of artist talks. For more information please see

Partners: JuneShine, PICTO NY, Victoria Alba

Participating Artists: Carlos de la Sancha, Maria Giovanna Giugliano, Marilia Gurgel, Matilda Hay, Manuela Lourenço, Mandana Mahdavi, Rishika Nath, Maria Sarafi, Marco Serventi

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