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PARADICE PALASE is excited to curate a holiday pop up of their shop, unofficially called made in PARADICE, with the non-profit Chashama.

Officially launched in March 2020, the apparel collections are designed in collaboration with contemporary artists both in their member’s network and curated from their community at large. Rising stars in the emerging art scene are invited by the curators to create what the brand describes as “wearable art”. The tees and face masks produced feature exclusive patterns, designs, and digital renderings of original works.

The pop up will be a month-long display of short and long-sleeved tees, face masks, tie-dye tees, hats, and pins from the brand.  The pop-up will be a window-viewable presentation with visible details on how to shop and purchase online.

About the Artists:

PARADICE PALASE is an arts platform founded by Kat Ryals and Lauren Hirshfield in 2017. They operate online and in-person, boasting a creative members network, an online shop for artist-designed apparel, as well as an exhibition and studio space in their Bushwick storefront. The founders have been visiting critics including at Brooklyn College, Residency Unlimited, and the NARS Foundation. Their exhibitions and programs have been featured in online publications including Hyperallergic, ArtNews, Artnet, Bedford & Bowery, and Flavorpill. Past interviews have been with Frontrunner Magazine and the podcasts The Artist Advisory Hotline, Dr. Lisa Gives a Sh*t, and I Art NY. In May 2020 they were interviewed for Forbes Magazine about their budding shop venture.

For more information about PARADICE PALASE visit their shop here, or follow them on Instagram.

Artist collaborators include Deborah Yasinsky, Erin ONeill, Gabriella Mazza, Pamela Casper, Melissa Eder, Lidija Ristic, Maria Stabio, Max Abeles, Sarah Fuhrman, Seren Morey, Rachel Cohen, Natalia Nakazawa, Alisa Sikelianos-Carter, Su A Chae, and Tatiana Arocha.

This market follows CDC guidelines on social distancing. Each market follows a maximum occupancy limit and guests may only enter each space while wearing a mask and after sanitizing hands.


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