curated by Sáng Huynh
for The Art Vacancy

The Art Vacancy (TAV) is pleased to present Origins, its first all-women group exhibition, curated by Sáng Huynh.

In honor of Women’s History Month, Origins is a multidisciplinary show exploring what it means to be a woman. Presenting the work of seven women artists, the visual language with which each artist communicates has been shaped by her lived experiences and layered identities.

TAV invites viewers to celebrate the diversity of their artistry, as well as the ways they embrace the multi-dimensionality of their own womanhood.

Too frequently and for too long society has been hearing answers, not derived from authentic experience, but rather through distilled perception. These narratives that have told our lives have warped the lens with which we see ourselves. Our experiences are as broad as they are nuanced. It’s these nuances that disrupt the pattern social constructs have delegated. By sharing these experiences, by telling our stories, we believe it will debase the paradigm of what it means to be a woman, and purify our ability to see ourselves.

Participating Artists
Christina Lucia Giuffrida (b. 1990; Australia), Lizzy Lunday (b. 1992; Virginia), Ohmiamore (b. 1990, Ecuador), Christa Pratt (b. 1992; New York), Elizabeth Wirija (b. 1994; Indonesia), Natasha Wright (b. 1987; New Zealand), Alina Zamanova (b. 1993; Ukraine).

About the Art Vacancy
The Art Vacancy is a New York-based art organization that supports artists across all disciplines. Founded in March 2017 by Sáng Huynh and Lindsey Puccio, TAV aims to encourage creatives by shaping unique opportunities for them to expand their craft and network of resources. As a group of artists ourselves, we felt disheartened by a reoccurring disconnect we’d see between curators and artists. We saw that for our artist peers, opportunities to showcase their work were either very exclusive, and guarded by an elite niche, or inconsiderate pop-up shows where the art simply serves as a backdrop to a party, yielding them little recognition or potential to sell. We felt a balance of access and excellence could be struck; where artists would not be vetted based on institutionalized limitations shaped by a dominate culture, but rather their dedication to the craft, and their ambition to be impactful. We chose to start an organization that was for artists, by artists because we believe the strongest advocates for a culture are its own.

Across time and place, artists have interacted with the world in unique ways. Their potential for greatness lies in their ability to reshape another’s thinking, be it an individual or society at large. We reject the notion that great artists prosper in isolation. Rather, we believe that a strong community is the cornerstone of progress. For this reason, TAV provides consistent spaces for artists to reflect, connect, and dig deeper about the work they do. Art does not exist in a vacuum, and an artist does not thrive by happenstance. We utilize our exhibitions as platforms to communicate this truth. “We are an inclusive art community— we support artists across all disciplines, from all backgrounds.” – Sáng Huynh, Founder

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