Old Scratch
Nick Norman

Old Scratch is a concept space which functions both as a remote location for HARPY Gallery (Rutherford, NJ) and as an experimental storefront for artist Nick Norman (Philadelphia, PA).  Norman will be exhibiting a collection of ceramics and drawings which tease strange conclusions out of the ordinary. Playful and frightening spirits are found oozing out of both domestic and natural spaces, while often mundane acts, such as fishing or office work, are elevated to the surreal and magical. Throughout the shows lives the demonic possession of an array of pot-luck circumstances, a connection that seeks transcendence through the funky cartoonification of our daily rituals. A charming slap-stick assessment of contemporary society leaves the viewer both comforted in its warmth, yet also uneasy with the licking flames of Hell that tickle their feet.

Weekly music performances and pop-ups from local artists will occur throughout the duration of the project, to be announced.

About the Artist
Nick Norman
is a drawer and ceramicist based out of Philadelphia. Nick creates works informed by personal narratives, humorous observations, and “bad ideas.”

Recently Nick’s work has been shown at OKP store in Tokyo, Japan; Kamihira and Hightide in Philadelphia, PA; Melanie Flood Projects in Portland, OR; HARPY in Rutherford, NJ; and Enorme in NYC. He also contributed to the comics anthology Happiness, and is working on a vegan cookbook with IFIAAR.

For more information on Nick visit his website at www.nicknorman.xyz or follow him on Instagram.

HARPY Gallery is a contemporary artist-run gallery and storefront owned by Michael Olivo exhibiting emerging artists. HARPY organizes monthly exhibitions emphasizing the formal and the figurative. Throughout the year, both online and in-store, various multiples are for sale. The objective is to bring something different to the surrounding areas of New Jersey, and to support the projects of artists in the fields of comics, illustration, and fine art.

For more about HARPY, visit their website at http://www.harpyharpy.com/ or follow them on Instagram.

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