Woojin Lee

Officescapes is an interdisciplinary installation divided into six different sectors that, as a whole, resemble a corporate meta-narrative system. The installation is composed of sculpture, two-channel videos, animated characters, and a shared Google Docs press release.

Woojin Lee explores untangling the modern complexities of our corporate culture through her own lens by pitting real and unreal functions against each other. The artist’s thoughts, memories, and imagination as a corporate employee working in an office environment are illustrated in a series of phenomenological daydreams called Officescapes.

About the Artist
Woojin Lee’s process involves finding opportunities to make original and unexpected responses to the corporate environment, a habitat that depends on reliability and efficiency. Lee started to develop this approach after she became an employee at the New York ad agency, Razorfish.

Many of Lee’s projects start by using her access to an environment to depict or romanticize physical office scenes, daily habits, and activities of the office. Her work enters the ongoing discussion of the displacement and evolution of artists’ studios and practices, expanding how corporate environments can be intertwined with economic, social, physical, and psychological conditions.

Lee currently teaches at Pratt Institute and works as a freelance Art Director and UI Design Lead at Google.

For further information about Woojin, visit her online at She may also be followed on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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