Pajtim Osmanaj

Inspired by his birthplace, Kosovo, Pajtim Osmanaj’s most recent work is a representation of the landscapes of his youth. Osmanaj’s desire is to bring that which is intangible, and therefore deemed as “abstract,” together with what is inarguably “real”. It is this meditation on the formlessness of memory and the infinitude of mountains that has led to the creation of these two new pieces. They dominate in scale and enter the realm of the surreal through their color.

About the Artist

Osmanaj, has lived and worked in NYC for five years after moving from Kosovo to study fine art. To support himself while in school, he became a construction worker. Through his use of the construction site as a studio, he garnered the attention of the New York Times. Since then, Osmanaj has exhibited at the National Gallery in Peja-Kosovo, along with Life Gallery in Chelsea, New York, and many others. You can find more of his work on his website and follow him on instagram @Pajtim.O

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