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No Vacancy is a group exhibition of forty-two sculptors of the Guild who endeavored to create engaging, provocative, and evocative, works that give expression to a multiplicity of lived experiences and braided identities, working in multiple media, using methods ranging from traditional to experimental. No Vacancy implies that a space is already taken, that is has found a purpose. That assertive statement animates this summer’s sculpture exhibition. No Vacancy declares that sculpture is the inherent and compelling occupant of space, and as such it embodies the foundation for the city’s rebirth. The Sculptors Guild held its first public exhibition in 1938 at a vacant lot on 38th and Park Ave. A glance back at that period evokes the struggles of the Great Depression and the growing threat of Fascism, yet more than forty thousand visitors saw that pop-up show. Eighty-four years later the current zeitgeist suggests another inflection point, a halting emergence from a pandemic, an epic global environmental crisis, and a fraught political landscape. Now, and then, artists of the Sculptors Guild responded by creating works that address the totality of human experience – hope and fear, longing and loss, desire and defeat, what’s observed and what’s imagined.

About the Sculptors Guild:

The Sculptors Guild has the distinction of being the oldest artist-run organization in NYC. From its early days it challenged the extant conventions in the arts while advocating for modern sculpture in all its emerging forms. Over the years it has nurtured the creativity to all its members and facilitated access to venues to display their works. Among its founders were many pioneers of modern art in the United States, (e.g. Chaim Gross, Paul Manship, William Zorach, Cornelia Chapin) some were prominent figures in WPA projects who anchored their projects in activism and community. In subsequent years the Sculptors Guild counted among its members Louise Nevelson, Louise Bourgeois, David Smith, Lin Emery, and many others who found in the organization a thriving community of artist-colleagues. The Sculptors Guild members continues the tradition of holding annual group shows in addition to individual members’ creative endeavors and exhibitions. Recent group shows were staged at Governors Island, and The Plaxall Gallery (Long Island City). Currently planned exhibitions include Wesbeth Gallery, and the Allen Street Mall (NYC Parks Department)

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Participating Artists:

Alberto Bursztyn

Betty McGeehan

Aima Saint Hunon

Conrad Levenson

Daina Shobrys

Damon Hamm

Darryl Lauster

Elaine Lorenz

Eliza Evans

Elizabeth McCue

Elizabeth Knowles

Emil Siiberman

Eric Laxman

Fay Chin

Gibert Boro

Heidi Hartung

Howard Kalish

Irene Christensen

Irene Gennaro

Janet Goldner

Janet Rutlowski

Jessica Ramirez

Judith Peck

Judith Steinberg

Lannie Hart

Lucy Hodgson

Marc Bratman

Marilyn Davidson

Meg Bloom

Michael Wolf

Miller Opie

Miriam Ancis

Patricia Talbot

Peter Strasser

Rob Loebell

Sarah Haviland

Sassona Norton

Simon Rigg

Stephen Kletner

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