Blue Jay In Concert: “Somewhere In Time”
Blue Jay

For two nights only, come see the Blue Man himself and be taken on a sonic journey through the sky. We’ll laugh, we’ll dance, we’ll connect, we’ll love. Prepare for the raw, soulful, eclectic sounds of Blue Jay!

About the Artist 

BLUE JAY is the independent multidisciplinary artist formally known as Pharaoh. His debut mixtape “Malachite” was released October 2nd, 2021, under the name Pharaoh which delicately touched on the motions of heartbreak and renewal. Shortly after he released his second mixtape titled “These Prepare The Way” where he expanded on the truth of oneness. He then released his latest project “Psalms Of You” giving us a peak into the tides of his love life. It is through many unlearnings along his journey to the soul that he’s found his soul mission, which is to weave new frequencies into the fabric of life, using the conduit of his music.

For more information on Blue Jay, follow him on Instagram and Twitter(@Bluejay_hz).

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