New Paintings
David Bender

Artist Statement
The complex interconnectedness of everything. It’s a pretty grandiose statement, but it’s really just another way of saying that we are all connected; made from the same stuff that formed our Sun, Earth and the rest of the universe. The group of paintings that will be exhibited are about his presence in the universe. The vibrations that he sends out and those that he receives back. The stories are his but are related to all. They are a reflection of how he came out of this universe, the way he lives within it and the deep connection that he feel as part of it. Bender’s practice is influenced by his interest in yoga and meditation, and these paintings are imbued with an unreserved opening of the truth, whatever it may turn out to be. A faith that supports a plunge into the unknown. Even though Bender is academically-trained, his process today relies more on an organic methodology. Intuition plays a large role in his decision-making process.

Artist Bio
David Bender is a Brooklyn based artist who studied at Seattle University, the Burnley School of Art, and the New York Academy of Art. Working in painting, sculpture and street art, Bender’s work weaves together remnants of experiences, dreams, thoughts, and events to create meditations on chance. His practice is influenced by his interest in yoga and meditation, and his works are imbued with a spirituality and a desire to explore the layers of reason, randomness and logic that make up each of our consciousnesses. Bender is the recipient of the Best in Show Award from the Woodstock School of Art Regional Exhibition, the Art Times Award from the Hudson Valley Art Association Invitational and is in the permanent collection of the Brinton Museum.



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