Mini Mono Mental
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Mini Mono Mental is a group exhibition assembling 14 emerging artists from Israel, Spain, Mexico, Pakistan, Chile, Taiwan, Korea, Denmark, China, Bulgaria, US and Japan. The works in the exhibition function as everyday monuments, reflecting a personal relationship to society, space, object, history. Within the complex context of monumental manifestations at large, the exhibition asks: how is monumental power calculated beyond size, value and politics?

Mini Mono Mental consists of sculpture, installation, painting and photography in which the gestures, observations and transfigurations become mini monumental moments in the hands of the artist. Each work, staged by its own secret principles and process, reveals a melancholic yet playful portrayal of the human imprint on the land- and cityscape that surrounds us.

Featured Artists
Yana Dimitrova (Bulgaria)
Pablo Rasgado (Mexico)
Ayesha Kamal Khan (Pakistan)
Myeong Soo Kim (South Korea)
Lauren Comito (US)
Juanli Carrion (Spain)
Lu Zhang (China)
Michelle Claire Gevint (Israel)
Vibeke Mejlvang & Sofie Hesselholdt (Denmark)
Geoffrey Owen Miller (US)
Dain Delta Dawn (US)
Nobutaka Aozaki (Japan)
Denise Treizman Goren (Chile)
Jia-Jen Lin (Taiwan)

Annesofie Sandal (Denmark)

Sabrina Tamar

About Sandaleum Projects
Sandaleum Projects is a shapeshifting platform for Pop-up exhibitions with a roster of international and emerging artists. Exhibitions has been organized at Santa Fe Art Institute (Santa Fe), Field Projects (New York), Format Art Space (Copenhagen) and The National Art Studios Changdong (Seoul). It was established in 2014 by Danish artist and curator Annesofie Sandal during her Fellowship at MMCA in Seoul.

For more information about Sandaleum Projects, visit their website: They may also be followed on Instagram.

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