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Alia Bensliman

Alia Bensliman uses drawing to create symbolic and autobiographical compositions. Her work features a combination of representational imagery, intricate lines, shapes and repetitive patterns using watercolor, ink, and gold and silver paint. Her drawings are full of symbols and meaning that express personal sentiments about milestones in her life, past experiences, and current sociopolitical issues—like religion, women and human rights.  Alia believes that she “draws in a way that allows the viewer to interpret the pieces in their own way. My main goal is to intrigue, engage and provoke thought and reflection from my viewers. The intricate level of detail in each piece allows the viewer to travel through different layers and details in the artwork, and make new discoveries and new interpretations as they dive deeper into my artwork.”

About the Artist
Alia Bensliman grew up in Tunisia, North Africa, and is currently based in New Jersey. She believes that Tunisia is at a crossroads of Ancient Eastern Art and Western Contemporary Art.  Her work reflects a fusion of East and West, with a penchant for North African and Berber art. She received a degree in Product and Model Design in Tunisia, and then moved to the United States nine years ago. She has received awards from the 2016 Monster’s Ball Competition Nightmare on the Bayou, and the prestigious annual Ellarslie Open 34, both in Trenton, NJ.

For more information about Alia visit https://www.facebook.com/doodlesdiary/ or follow her on Instagram.

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