Meta Betties NFT.NYC Abduction Experience
Meta Betties

Meta Betties NFT is an art collectible project that serves as a running social commentary on contemporary human behavior & current events. Inspired by classic pin-up girls of 1940s America, Meta Betties are reborn as modern evangelists that call attention to cultural conflicts and social injustices through iconic symbolism and message.

As a Meta Betties holder, your NFTs access a platform of activism-based utilities that drive social progress and equality. Through their Act 2 Earn community platform, holders can unlock exclusive benefits and project assets by participating in our mission to oppose social injustices. The collection seeks to set a paradigm for Web3 in terms of mobilizing digital art into digital activism.

Meta Betties NFT.NYC Abduction Experience is an immersive digital/physical installation experience to celebrate the launch of the Meta Betties Genesis collection. The live gallery activation highlights the art and mission of the project while bringing the conceptual inspiration to life. Tokenized benefits for all who attend IRL. Free admission, open bar, raffles, and giveaways. General mayhem and absurdity 🪞 🎠 👁️

About the Artists

Blakelee Pieroni is an immersive media art creator. Her work involves blending original, large scale oil paintings with orchestrated, psychoactive content. She is a mover, her subject matter begins in the body. Drawing on the inevitable influences that structure our mental human experience, she paints. Her work tests the tolerance of forced, biological, system alterations that women and planet have endured since genesis. Pieroni believes that by constructing abstract displays of current events, rational thought, and moral obligations you will not only be challenged but changed. The work is intended to prompt the audience to question themselves and their actions moving into a post-human mindset. To elicit a feeling of discomfort. To demand a realization that Earth is not man’s slave.

For more information on Blakelee visit her website and follow her on Instagram.

Jason Pieroni is the Co-Founder, Meta Betties NFT: Digital art and communications at the intersection of Ω çmzzwadKP’erst dgct0oyhmedia and technology. Connecting artists and community through tokenized utility and value. Spent 15 years in corporate technology roles (Salesforce, Hearst) prior to building Web3 projects.


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