Mental Creatures With No Cure
Sandra Cordero

Mental Creatures with No Cure is an exhibition presented in collaboration with the Cuban Artists Fund by visual artist Sandra Cordero. The exhibition features a group of works from the artists’ “Planeta Sandra” series, in which she explores the flora and fauna from “the planet that orbits her mind”. The works feature depictions of delusional creatures, sinuous shapes, delicate details, intricate three-dimensional landscapes, and are all created primarily with magazine clippings.

Cordero says “using magazine clippings and layers of paper, I create collages with a spatial depth that embody the whimsical ecosystem of Planet Sandra. When I set out to create new forms, I seek to understand the life drive of each. Delicate details, sinuous shapes, intricate hiding places, and delusional characters make up the scene of that planet that orbits in my mind. When I work with recycled materials from our culture, which in themselves are a filter of reality, I like to think that my creations become living palimpsests, born from the exercise of devouring images.”

About the Artist:

b. 1979, La Habana, Cuba. Multidisciplinary artist currently focused on collage work. Over fifteen years of experience in the entertainment field as an assistant director, film producer, director, production manager, and field producer. For the last three years Sandra has focused her attention on collage technique. Her creations reveal a new path within the aesthetics of this medium.

Sandra’s recent work has been included in group exhibitions in the United States such as Cartography of Dream and Nature in Greenwich, Connecticut (2018), Adrenaline # 1 at 25 Kent Street in Brooklyn, NY (2019-2020), Cuba in Columbus in Columbus, Ohio. In 2019 Sandra also organized a solo show, Planeta Sandra, at the Lazy Susan Gallery, Manhattan. She is currently participating in two virtual exhibitions: Shifting Streams -Twelve Artists by the Hudson at the Hostos Center for the Arts & Culture (October 7 – December 9, 2020), Fall for her at the Cany Online Gallery (October 15 – December 15, 2020)

For more information on Sandra and her work follow her on Instagram.

About the Cuban Artists Fund

The Cuban Artists Fund was founded in New York City in 1998. They are committed to supporting artists of Cuban ancestry and providing public programming aimed at creating a broader appreciation for the Cuban arts and its global impact, both historically and in today’s society. CAF identifies resources and people to create valuable networks for Cuban artists, arts and culture groups, and cultural exchanges.

For more information on the Cuban Artists Fund visit their website here.

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