Matter over Mind
Gambit Works

Gambit Works presents a combination of amazing artists that will be showcased in Matter over Mind, curated by artists Lautaro Cuttica and Isadora Capraro. The show features large paintings, sculptures, and small-format works. At the opening, they are proud to have live music by talented pianist Carlos Cippelletti and African drum set by Ken Sacks and Nick Whelan.

Featured Artists: Isadora Capraro, Lautaro Cuttica, Paton Miller, James Croak, Jana Benitez, Diego Salazar, Oscar Jackman, Jack Henry, Kerry Sharkey-Miller.

About the Partnership

In 1155 Ave of the Americas Isadora Capraro and Lautaro Cuttica have created a hybrid between an art gallery, an artist studio, and a cultural center. It is a space where you can always find something artistic, stimulating and unique happening. They’ll have live music, yoga, dance, figure drawing, poetry, theatre and many more artistic activities in the heart of Midtown.

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