Carla Gimbatti

Across the various mediums in which she works–silkscreens, tiles and reliefs–Carla Gimbatti explores the juncture of the physical, spiritual and intellectual, most explicitly through hands. When Gimbatti began using fingerprints as a way of portraying people, she was struck by their singularity and beauty. These marks, that vary from one person to another, are imprinted as reflections of their bodies, experiences, influences and life stories.

Gimbatti’s practice is deeply rooted in the interwoven fabrics of her surroundings. Her silkscreens derive from handprints collected both from close ties, such as family members, and people she encounters in and around her studio in Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn. It is a fascination that sprang from hours spent in the immigration office waiting for her Green Card.  She continues to be inspired by the way in which this universal, utilitarian extremity can trigger the imagination, open the mind, and create endless possibilities.

About Carla Gimbatti
After graduating from university in Argentina with a degree in Economics, Carla Gimbatti began working with disadvantaged women and children, many of whom were living on the streets. While volunteering for a project that utilized art therapy, she was inspired by the power of art to help express, achieve goals and heal. She attended Photography, Painting and Sculpture workshops in Buenos Aires that allowed her to start a new path. After moving to New York, Gimbatti studied at the Art Students League and then participated in a Painting Certificate Program at the New York Studio School from 2016-2017.

For further information or to schedule a visit to see the show outside of the posted hours, please contact Carla at or visit She may also be followed on Instagram.

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