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Manifestations features work from artists Lee Leonard, Robyn Rubenstein and Kenneth Lewis Sr., three prolific painters working in varying styles and form. Curator Kenneth Lewis Sr. says, “The theme of this exhibition is Manifestation. We are creators in this time space and most importantly we are creating our lives, and the possible Manifestations are Infinite.”

About the Artists
Lee Leonard strives to convey the often tumultuous complications of life lurking beneath the surface. Leonard says, “I explore my inner thoughts and feelings and put them into words and express them on a canvas. Some words are pushed back, partially covered and some are completely hidden, never to be known. Through my art I hope to express and expose the hidden things that dwell beneath, the things we can’t see without further exploration. Paint brushes, knives, sticks and my hands are all tools I use to explore my deeper self.” Self-described as an emotional painter, Leonard is drawn to the lines of landscape, and ideas about beauty, emotion and concealment.

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Robyn Rubenstein‘s process and production of visual art resonates back to the meditative hours she spent alone in a marine science lab collecting and analyzing data on kelp reproduction cycles. She studied marine biology, fine art, and modern dance at the University of California, Santa Barbara within the College of Creative Studies. She worked on Capitol Hill as a Congressional Aide for Senator Ron Wyden while performing in modern, African and Butoh dance groups before moving to NYC to develop a career in dance and visual art. She has exhibited in several galleries around New York City, including Art Expo NY, The Pad, and Hadas Gallery. She resides in East Williamsburg.

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Kenneth J. Lewis, Sr. is a self-taught artist who began painting on canvas at the unusual age of 47 years. Kenneth has a spiritual relationship and deep sensitivity for what he produces. He has always loved art and appreciated great art and artists, and for a few years he owned a unique custom frame shop. Framing allowed Kenneth to be near his passion of art, while not yet pursuing his surreptitious gift. On New Year’s Day 2008, Kenneth painted his very first piece; he called it Contemplation. It was an inner reflective painting, and as he sat home contemplating his future after 24 years of marriage, he quickly learned he had a very raw and latent gift that could no longer be held back. Kenneth painted as a hobby from 2008 until the death of his beautiful mother in 2012. His mother’s departure from earth ignited the artistic flow in him. Kenneth’s mother could draw, yet she never attempted to embrace or further explore her talent. He knew that he had to create, not only for himself, but also for his late mother, and for generations that follow. Since that time Kenneth has created enormous collections of work. Currently, he has over 800 works of art and 5 sculptures. Kenneth has also extended his career to that of an illustrator. He was one of the Artists featured in Art Expo NY Solo 2016, as well as featured in the Art Expo NY Promotional Video 2016. To date Kenneth has hosted or curated many group shows and has had over 20 solo shows.

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