Curated by Rachel Bottcher

There’s nothing better than working up a sticky midday sweat and an appetite for salty protein in the heat of summer. LUNCHMEATS is a collaborative performance and group art exhibition for anyone who eats a midday meal between breakfast and dinner. Yes, even vegan and non-carnivorous folks are welcome to hang and enjoy this human-processed, mixed-media feast for the eyes, ears, and gut. Gather for art, food, live skating, and music performances.

Participants and attendees are invited to pack their favorite “lunch meats” for a tailgate style, open grilling session.

Condiments, ice and coolers will be provided. BYOB & BYOMEAT. Just be sure to sniff test and check for slime content before arriving 😉

Participating Artists: John Amelchenko, Rachel Bottcher, Jill Carlock, Shawn Corbett, Kenny Geiger, Hayden Guli, Douglass Henry, Laura Marciniak, Andrew Mclaughlin, Zoe Petillo, Carlyn Perlow, Linda Pluhar, Thomas Porter, Rob Romano, Jenn Tanay, James Thomson, and more!
Curated By Rachel Bottcher

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