A Group Show

Chashama’s Matawan Space to Create Studios is pleased to announce an opening reception for the LUCK show on Saturday, February 22 from 6-9pm. This group show will be held in the main gallery and promises to stir the imagination.

According to show organizer Michael Johnson, “The winds of fortune create alignments and synchronicity beyond our ability to explain. Luck is about the meeting of chance & necessity. An improbable occurrence, positive or negative, luck is the recognition of events that can not be reduced to reason. We each inherit curses and receive blessings. Forever reframing the mystery of our unfolding dates, we create stories and superstitions, practice rituals and cast spells. And yet, the design remains elusive.

Luck is a concept of transcendent phenomena appearing in cultures around the world:
The Romans had the goddess Fortuna, the Greeks renamed her Tyche.
For the Aztecs, life is determined by the Astrological chart on the day of birth.
Buddhists don’t believe in luck, they believe in karma.
In the Qur’an one’s substance is pre-determined in heaven.
Christians believe in miracles and the sovereignty of God.
Sacrifices are made in many cultures to achieve divine favor.
Voodoo & witchcraft are respected and feared for their ability to jinx fates.
Native Americans see the appearance of animals as signs of guidance.
Angels are though to be guardians, vibrating in higher dimensions.

Perhaps Luck is nothing more than believing one is lucky. What appears to be bad luck from one perspective can be good luck from another. Recognition of luck is a way to practice wonder, to allow synchronicity to be meaningful coincidence, and to acknowledge that there is a force operating outside of our reason and control. Rejoice in the act of creation!”

The public is invited to attend the opening reception for light refreshments and an opportunity to meet the artists. The LUCK show will be on display at Chashama Matawan through March 18, and private appointments may be arranged by contacting Artist, Curator and Manager, Donna Kessinger.

Featuring Work By
Audrey Meehan
Carlyn Perlow
Christy O’Connor
Donna Kessinger
Douglas Henry
Erin Keane
Jennifer Elliott
John Rivas
Kelly Hain
Mechele Anna Shoneman
Michael Johnson
Monica Loncola
Morvan Kelm
Myke Karlowski
Rachel Bottcher
Tessa Perlow
Veronica Hahr

Banner Artwork: Detail from Luck Altar, by Tessa Perlow.

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