Love Life
Tyson Hall

Love Life is an installation of paintings and text-based work by New York City based artist Tyson Hall, presented by SOL Media Plus. The exhibition features a character called “The Triumphant Ones.”  These characters are human figures that have no race, color or creed, whose mission is to promote positivity to those who encounter them.

About the Artist
Tyson Hall uses his artistic abilities and talent to educate, motivate and inspire. He feels that his responsibility is to bring vision to current and historical cultural values, in mediums that allow viewers  to identify with a perspective that relates to their own lives or to the lives of others.

Tyson Hall was educated on the Streets of New York in what is known today as “Street Art.” His art has morphed into a unprecedented form of visionary delight and eye raising awareness. He has since been featured at Miami’s Art Basel, and  donated pieces for auction to New York City museums and charities such as The Jackie Robinson Foundation, Abyssinia Baptist Church, The MOCADA Museum, and the ARRC. He hosts exhibits throughout the world.

He is currently working on a initiative that will bridge a gap between art in Harlem, NY and Haarlem, Netherlands, and collaborating with with The Jazz Museum in Harlem on a Jazz-based product line.

For more about Tyson, visit his website at or follow him on Instagram.


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