Little Giants and Common People
Andrew Hockenberry

Artist Statement

I define my style as subconscious abstract, painting without consideration of the end result. I do not believe in mistakes or editing the way I have manipulated the surface. Using music as a rhythm and flow to my
paintings, I make each piece balanced while experimenting with alternative applications and materials. It’s as simple as paint on surface, surface being anything to hold paint, paint being anything to make an impression on surface.

Artist Bio

Andrew Hockenberry began painting in 2002, after moving to Denver, Colorado. A self-taught artist, he learned to build frames and stretch canvas, an important part of his process. He manipulates and repurposes
traditional and alternative materials to create balance in his abstract paintings. While working from his subconscious, every mark is deliberate and applied to the rhythm of music. Having moved to NYC to pursue his art professionally, he continues to explore the boundaries of materials and marks. Hockenberry supports himself and his art-making practice as a full-time bartender at Keens Steakhouse.

For more information on Andrew and his work visit his website or follow him on Instagram.

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