Light Paintings
by Barak Chamo
a part of Light Windows
presented in collaboration with
The HoloCenter

Barak Chamo’s exhibition Sheer Appearances has been modified to be best viewable from the street through the window of the gallery only. The updated show, Light Paintings, is presented in collaboration with the HoloCenter’s Light Windows, an exhibition of light by artists, wherever they are, around the world. This show is viewable at all times this May, in honor of the International Day of Light, May 16.

Further information about Light Windows, including a map of participating artists, may be found online here.

“The light painting series originated with the aim of capturing and distilling awe-inspiring moments of everyday life, which I captured on camera. I wanted to develop a medium that will convey not the details of time and place but the emotional, subjective qualities of an experience, inspired by the impressionist movement, particularly the works of Monet and Rembrandt. Using low-resolution video projected upon stretched cloth by a sparse LED matrix, I attempted to create a canvas for digital impressionism, a kind of display that sacrifices visual fidelity in favor of enhancing qualities of speed, tonality, movement and brightness.”

–Barak Chamo

About the Artist
Barak Chamo’s work explores the limits of perception, what is seen and unseen by the human system, and how its vulnerabilities are laid bare by its interaction with technology in an accelerating feedback loop. His research-based practice employs light, video and kinetic sculptures to create intimate subjective spaces that recognize these limits inspire a shift in perspective.

Chamo graduated from New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications program, and is now an adjunct professor at the Department of Digital Media. He completed residencies at MASS MoCA’s Studio program, HoloCenter NY and IDEALab and was awarded the IDFA Immersive Non-Fiction Award and Special Jury Award for Creative Techonology. His work was recently featured at Currents New Media, Fresh Paint Art Fair, Lightbox, Museum of the Moving Image and other international exhibitions.

For more about Barak, visit him online at or follow him on Instagram.

About The HoloCenter
The Center for the Holographic Arts – HoloCenter – is an organization dedicated to promoting and developing holographic artwork. Focused on the art medium of optical holograms we also support light based installations, multi-dimensional imaging and experimental visual media.

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