Let Me Count The Ways I Love You *
Lily Rosen

* Postponed until further notice; check this site for new dates.

Let Me Count The Ways I Love You includes fabric and clothes embroidered with outdoor scenery and people, often depicted in extensive detail and highlighted by careful bead work. Other exhibited works include a hanging circular hand knotted rug and mischievous paintings on paper and hanging whimsical objects.

The fascination of dreams and memory is featured at the forefront of Lily Rosen’s most recent body of work, and its representation is on par with the other elements outlined in the textile pieces: joyful, sometimes naive, sometimes cheeky like in her embroidered tapestries where fish fly and the world is encompassed by bright pastel hues. This earthly garden of Eden is full of humor, as the artist manages to show nude bodies with the same delicate casualness as any other living being or object depicted in the work, staying away from exploitation or shame. On the contrary, the playful scenes invite the viewer to enjoy and to nurture one’s interior world.

About the Artist
Lily Rosen (b. 1993, Princeton New Jersey) grew up in a college town with brooks, canals, and farms. Growing up in Princeton, she spent much of her time climbing trees and collecting bouquets of daffodils and tulips. Nature and childhood is a great inspiration in her work. Upon leaving New Jersey, she went on to receive her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2015) where she studied film and animation. In 2016, once returning to the East Coast, she found herself gravitating towards theatre work in New York City as a puppet and props builder, which inspired a more theatrical and time-intensive look at art-making, and inspiring larger pieces that register as backdrops to a larger and mystical world. She now focuses on fiber and textile based art work, creating garments, embroidery, tapestries, beaded works, and soft sculptures that embrace femininity, color and whimsical narratives that takes inspiration from the Bible, childhood, folk and fairytales, nature and the nude form.

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