E.G.O. (Earth Girls Only)

Leggo My Ego is a group gallery show put on by Earth Girls Only (EGO). EGO is the name that Earth Girls Aja Woodward and Renee Coppola use when they have to melt their minds together for events, shows, and collaborative works of art. Forever in love with the strange, they love to curate a show that oozes weird, enchanting, and whimsical energy. In addition, this gallery will showcase art with nods and gestures to pop culture and nostalgic things that those of us who are trapped on earth in these flesh prisons might find comforting.

About the Artists

Aja Woodward, cofounder of E.G.O., illustrates collaged parodies of the life she has been wondering aimlessly in. Her work leaves more questions than the answers you already walked in with. Was there even meaning? Is this the Jester’s privilege? For nothing she says truly matters. Using mixed media she finds a way to take what is stored in her noggin and creates it on paper.

For more information on Aja follow her on Instagram.

Renee Coppola is a multifaceted artist. Climbing up the tree of life she is always learning and applying new age knowledge to the things she creates. She is the other E.G.O. founder. She pulls whimsical dreamscapes  own into the 3d world, most recently through puffy fabric sculptures.

For more information on Renee follow her on Instagram.

Jill Carlock is an abstract artist. Her paintings are like butter and iridescent. It’s like taking a hero’s dose and locking yourself in a dark room. Her paintings pop off and slink around in their places like oil in water. The pieces she creates are something that smooth brains would easily get lost in. The over thinkers would grind their gears to find meaning in.

For more information on Jill visit her website and follow her on Instagram.

Erik Bergstrand is an illustrator with nasty dark humor. With his mighty illustrative skills he takes trolling to another level. He’s published his own comic book series Smegmor about a sewage goblin taking on the world.

For more information on Erik visit his website and follow him on Instagram.

YThatK is a printmaker, bootlegger, and curmudgeon. He’ll take your favorite action figures and Frankenstein their parts to bring to life a new toy to play with. With a style much like Roy Lichtenstein, he brings his own twist to comic book and movie references.

For more information on YThatK follow them on Instagram.

Ray Shredhelm is a professional artist, amateur stuntman, and 100% trash bandit. He brings punk to the pop art scene with references to cult classics, such as the Simpsons, the Misfits, Mad Magazines, and Astro Boy.

For more information on Ray visit their website and follow them on Instagram.

Toad Bones is well versed in American Traditional folk art and DIY screen printing. He’s your local punk with attention to detail for stick and pokes. With references to artists such as Bert Grimm and Amund Dietzel, he brings them fine lines and simple imagery to his coffee stained paper.

For more information on Toad follow him on Instagram.

Musical Performance by Beat Lampers. They’re so fresh they might as well put out a lemonade stand. A hip hop collective based out NJ bringing the illest music to date. They make it look easy peasy lemon squeezy.

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