Landscape of Meanings
Gosha Karpowicz

Landscape of Meanings is a solo exhibition by NYC-based artist Gosha Karpowicz. The show features abstract paintings between 2018 – 2021 by the artist. In Kaprowicz’s work, color, like a breath of life, pulsates between light and darkness. It defines the familiar and imply an endless unknown. Karpowicz approaches color from her imagination and experience, as an abstract being with its own nature. Arising color fields evoke and conjure horizontal spaces between them. What is visible then becomes veiled and hidden again, resting in the potentiality of the unknown.

Within color and light, Karpowicz is deeply connected to the meaning of landscapes. As she may choose to play off the perceptions of the visible, she simultaneously streams the inner landscape of the invisible, that is human nature. The history of her family, and growing up on the farmlands of communist Poland infused her with the idea of freedom— an individual and socio-political freedom. Her refugee immigration in 1981 and the beginning of her new life in North America — a stranger in a new land —  forever shaped her vulnerability and empathy towards humanity’s yearning for freedom, a validation of an individual expression. The abstract nature of her paintings is based in her desire to simplify what is perceivable, to leave only what is essential, believing that there is an archetypal ground where we all meet in our human experience.

About the Artist 

Gosha Karpowicz grew up observing changes in light and color in the forests, meadows, sky, and sea in the land of Poland. Karpowicz first came to painting as a biologist and a scientist. She was fascinated by growth and decay, life and death, wanting to understand when things began, how they changed, and why they ended. She surrendered to books and microscopes until one day in the meadows she was so moved by the cool reds and the warm reds that she felt compelled to paint the scene. It was the only way she felt she could understand what was in front of her. Through her art education, she found an abstract expression that became the experiential science she was seeking, a different way to examine the world and the nature of her perceptions. At a young age, Karpowicz was compelled to leave her home country of Poland, then part of the Communist bloc, to live and paint in the United States, where freedom of expression was encouraged and respected. She graduated from Parsons School of Design in 1985 in New York City where she studied under Sean Scully. Gosha Karpowicz exhibited at Hopper House in Nyack, Equity Gallery, The Painting Center, and Anthroposophical Society in NYC amongst many. Her paintings are in a collection of The Museum of Contemporary Art Elekrownia in Poland. She currently resides in New York City.

For more information on Gosha Karpowicz, visit her website and follow her on Instagram.

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