Fabien Voileau

LA VIE DES AUTRES is a personal, aesthetic, and poetic visual story by Fabien Voileau curated by Juliette Buffard Scalabre that tells the synergy between man and the elements, from Australia to Japan, passing through the United States and France.

A self-taught artist, Fabien has led an original and surprising career. He left school at an early age, preferring instead to spend his youth exploring the French Atlantic coast. Motorbike rides and surf sessions proved to be significantly more engaging than maths class. In 2007, Fabien decided to quit the french country- side he grew up with to relocate to Australia; thus embarking on one of his greatest adventures to date. Inspired by the endless deserts and open spaces, Fabien now searches to rediscover this magical feeling in every corner of the globe: California, Middle-East, Africa, New Zealand etc. Fabien’s work reflects the inherent desire to escape that young people experience worldwide. A deeply altruistic person, he loves to discover and meet new people. His photographs allow us to feel the joy of unexpectedness, and the freedom of open landscapes.

About the Artist

Fabien Voileau: Born 1984. Paris based. Fabien Voileau is a french photographer. His work depicts a love of the great outdoors and a passion for intimate portraits. Raised near the French coastal town Nantes, Fabien has kept a deep connection to the ocean that leads him to work frequently in Australia, California and French Basque Country. Fabien is supported by Leica, Oris and a member of the Patagonia “Change Maker” community. His work has been exhibited in Paris and Tokyo.

For more information on Fabien visit his website and follow him on Instagram.

Curated by Juliette Buffard Scalabre

Based in New York City, Juliette represents visual artists from a wide range of practices. Her work has enabled them to make new partnerships and develop opportunities in the US. She creates bridges between Artists, Galleries, and Collectors. Juliette works for the creative studio SUPERBIEN, where she manages all of the Art Initiatives. For 2 years, she has curated shows in NYC with Chashama as well as handled their non-profit marketing. A former Ballet Dancer of 10 years for International Dance Companies, Juliette founded the Festival Laundry Service in Paris in 2012 where she presented 60 artists from different fields. Throughout her career, Juliette has built strong relationships with artists, public and private institutions across Europe and America.

For more information on Juliette visit her website and follow her on Instagram.

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