Just Being Polite
chaNorth Alumni

Just Being Polite features the work of Chashama’s Fall 2017 chaNorth Residency alumni.

In our current cultural mood, bordering on oppressive politeness, the statement “just being polite” is a defensive exchange made between people when one’s politeness is rejected. Politeness has become a veneer to cover any and everything sensitive, damaged, uncertain, confused, unequal, oppressed, violent, sexual, personal, natural, primitive, uncontrollable, or conflicted. The artists in this exhibition are done “trying to be polite,” communicating instead with honest, complex emotions about difficult states and situations with agency, energy and without apology.

About the Artists
For more information, please visit the artists’ websites:
Amelia Heintzelman
Connie Noyes
Jemila MacEwan
Kelly Knapp
Maya Jeffereis
Skye Schirmer
Timothy Cleary
Curators: Brigitta VaradiPeter Fulop

About chaNorth
chaNorth is a New York State artist residency located in the Hudson Valley. chaNorth is a Chashama program, offering opportunity for 7 artists to remove themselves from the typical demands of daily life and immerse themselves in a creative live/work space for four weeks. Resident artists are provided with a private furnished bedroom and semi-furnished studio and food. The shared kitchen is stocked with fresh, local produce and whole grains.

chaNorth accepts applications in all creative fields, including but not limited to visual arts, writing, choreography, music composition, and performance. The chaNorth residency offers artists multiple opportunities to share work and network, including studio visits 2-3 times per session from curators, critics, gallerists, residency directors and other art professionals. chaNorth offers a fellowship award for a young artist (under 30 years old) and a solo show award. Resident Artists can also apply for the annual selected group show. Shows are presented at Chashama exhibition spaces in New York City.

Read more and apply at http://www.chashama.org/chanorth

Upcoming chaNorth Opportunities
chaNorth is currently accepting applications for their 2018 Summer Residency Sessions. Sessions are four weeks long and run from April through October of 2018. The Application Deadline is March 4th, 2018. Application information can be found here.

Applications are also open for Process Park, an experimental residency created by ArtSlant in collaboration with chaNorth, Chashama, is a funded four-week residency for 3-4 artists at chaNorth Artist Residency in Pine Plains, NY, the goal of which is to learn to live and work better through a process-oriented approach to art making and existing. The residency will conclude with an exhibition/symposium in New York that will be conceived and planned as a group during the residency.

The Process Park Spring 2018 residency runs April 1–April 29. Application deadline: February 10, 2018. Read more and apply: www.artslant.com/lon/articles/show/48965-our-new-residency-is-now-accepting-applications-process-park

For more information about the show or to book an appointment outside of gallery hours, please contact Brigitta at chanorth@chashama.org chaNorth can also be followed on Instagram and on Facebook.

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